Where to Look for Northern Pike in Colorado

Fishermen have many options for Northern Pike here in Colorado and elsewhere.  Pike happen to be the most widely distributed fresh water fish in the world.  It is native to Canada, Alaska and throughout the northern tier states and across New England, the Great Lakes and the mid-west.  Over the last century they have been introduced in numerous states such as Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho and California.  If you’re a Colorado Fisherman here are a few options:

The really large pike are always females.  They can get huge.  The American record is 47 pounds.  In Northern Europe and Russia pike well over 50 pounds show up with some regularity.

Stagecoach Reservoir – holds state record for released fish – 46-inches
Williams Fork
Cherry Creek Lake
Elevenmile Canyon Reservoir
Harvey Gap Resevior
Horse Creek Reservoir
Jackson Reservoir
Navajo Reservoir
Neenoshe Reservoir
Pastorius Reservoir
Rio Blanco Lake
Spinney Mountain Reservoir
Sanchez Reservoir
Seeley Lake
Summit Reservoir
Tarryall Reservoir
Totten Reservoir
Vallecito Reservoir
Williams Fork Reservoir
*Yampa River

*The Northern Pike in the Yampa River originally escaped from Elkhead Reservoir (located on a tributary stream to the Yampa) River. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been pursuing an aggressive removal program for the last 5 years because the fish is considered a serious threat to native fish.