Pike Gone Wild!

May 2006 
Clive Schaupmeyer
Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

This is about as bizarre as it gets. We've all heard of big fish attacking little fish ... bull trout eating hooked cutthroats ... pike attacking walleye and smaller pike. Stuff like that. This is the first time I'd seen it go to this extent.

Allan Caldwell and I fished 3M Lake on April 24, 2006 and fishing was so so. Still we had a lot of fun and missed lots of hits and landed quite a few smaller pike up to 31 inches. Just fine.

At about 7:30, Allan hooked a smaller pike and large pike came along and glommed onto it and would not let go. Allan tailed the large pike and it still would not let go. It protested and got away and still would not let go of the smaller pike, so he tailed it a second time and this time we took pictures. There was quite a hullabaloo and his leader broke and the large fish swam away with the small pike still in its mouth.

The big pike appeared to be a spawned out female and measured at 37 inches.