Attention All Fly Tyers!
Stonefly season is fast approaching and Front Range Anglers has a request...

Do you have a special and/or secret stonefly pattern? It can be a dry fly, nymph, or whatever -- if it knocks them dead! We'd love to put it on display and acknowledge your proficiency, expertise, and good looks (if applicable).

Bring your pattern in to Front Range Anglers along with the recipe (and if possible the tying instructions), for a special display at Front Range Anglers and inclusion on our website.

Don't be bashful. Stand up and be recognized for your fly tying contributions. Remember if you tied it and the fish eat it, THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

There is no such thing as the

The flies will be on display from April 1st through July 1st, e.g., the major stonefly season. You may then pick them up or we can donate them to a "Kid's Fishing Program", your choice.

Larry Jurgens