March 2004 Fly of the Month

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LJ's Black Stillborn Midge
By: Larry Jurgens
Source: Larry Jurgens
Hook: TMC 2488
Size: 16~22
Thread: Black Gordon Griffith's 14/0 Extended Body: Black Antron
Body: Tying Thread
Rib: Single Strand of Pearl Krystal Flash
Shellback: Black Foam
Hackle: Black
Indicator: Optional Fabric Paint Spot On Shellback
Tying Instructions:

Step 1 Start thread above behind hook eye. Wrap threadbase to 1/3 hookshank.
Step 2 Tie in extended body material.
Step 3 Wrap threadbase over extended body material to above hook barb.
Step 4 Extended body material is twisted tight and allowed to twist back over itself. Tie in and cut off excess.
Step 5 Tie in shellback foam above hook barb.
Step 6 Tie in rib material.
Step 7 Make small thread body to 2 eye lengths behind hook eye.
Step 8 Spiral wrap rib to 1/2 shank.
Step 9 Pull shellback over and tie off at 2 eye length. Do not cut off excess.
Step 10 Tie in hackle, make 2~4 wraps and tie off in front of foam. Cut off excess.
Step 11 Whip finish small head in front of foam.
Step 12 Cut off foam even with front of hook eye.
Step 13 Cut a "V" in the bottom hackle, this will leave the hackle looking like legs.
Step 14 Optional; apply fabric paint indicator.