March 2003 Tool of the Month
This month Front Range Anglers is featuring the Marc Petitjean Magic Tool that was featured in the March 2004 Fly Fisherman Magazine.

"The Marc Petitjean Magic Tool is an indispensable tool for any fly tyer. This tool system will let you create any combination of synthetic or natural dubbing, soft or stiff feathers including CDC plumes along with any material that you can dream of to put on a fly using a dubbing loop. The set includes 3 clips, 2 clamps and 3 wooden "equalizers". The wooden equalizers can be used for winding and cutting synthetic material such as Ice Fur or Krystal Flash in small strands of exactly the same length." Hareline Dubbin, Inc.

Paul Prentiss has been working with this tool and will demonstrate it multi-faceted uses on Saturday, March 6, 2004 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Get yours now at Front Range Anglers. These tools are now in stock and we also have the "Magnum" Marc Petitjean Magic Tool for larger flies. These tools seem to be the "answer" to many tying solutions and applying many different and fascinating techniques.