Rod Building Classes

Danny Smith

Spring is rapidly approaching -- time to check tackle, and see what new rods are on the market for this year. As rod technology increases, so does the price it seems.

I know that living on a budget means that many things stay as dreams due to the cost. Well, fly rods do not have to stay as a dream any longer. If you have a bit of patience and the time, just about anyone can build a rod. I think there is a myth that rod building is too difficult, or you need too many expensive tools, you need too much space, or you might make a mistake on your first rod. Nonsense! Rod building is quite easy, relaxing, rewarding, and most of all money saving.

Because rod building is done in steps, mistakes are easy to fix. I watch you through the entire process, and guide you through with expert advice.

Why rod building? Why purchase a rod that every other customer to Sage, Winston, Redington, and St. Croix already own? Why not customize a rod to you? Are you left or right handed? Have you every wished that a hook keeper was in a different place? Or, that the cork was a different shape? Maybe you wanted a down locking reel seat as opposed to up locking reel seat or vice versa. These are just a few of the customizations you can do.

What about price? Most blanks are 50% or more below the cost of a factory finished rod. After adding components you can save up to 60% off the cost of a factory rod!

What about colors? Do you have a bold personality? Do you want a very dark rod so it does not spook fish? The choices are limitless.

Come in and talk to Danny Smith to see if this is a good fit for you. Our staff is there to help any way that we can!

There is nothing more rewarding than catching a fish of a lifetime on a fly you tied, and a rod you built!