Learn How To Spey Cast

We are offering a series of special clinics in April & May of 2005 - all equipment included & the location will be close to Boulder-Denver area.

April 30, 2005…………..Beginning - $125
May 15, 2005…………..Intermediate - $135
May 28, 2005…………..Advanced - $150
Take all three classes (14 hrs of instruction) for $325 or any two for $200 (8 to 10 hrs of instruction)
Click here to register and pay online.

Beginning Spey Casting and Fishing - 4 hrs per with a 15-minute break at the half
Overhead casting (long rod introduction process); Introduction to Switch Casting, Snap T, and Double Spey (These casts are all taught only to the primary casting hand for this session.) We will also discuss fishing and presentation techniques.

Intermediate Spey Casting and Fishing - 4 hrs per with a 15-minute break at the half
Warm-up from Beginning session-Overhead, Switch Casting-with added casts of Snap T and Double Spey for off-hand (left, in most cases), Single Spey and Snake Roll Introduction for primary hand

Advanced Spey Casting and Fishing - 6 hrs per with a 30-minute break at the half
Refresher from Beginning and Intermediate session-Overhead, Switch Casting, Snap T, Double Spey, Single Spey and Snake Roll. We will introduce and work on presentations of all casts from right and left banks. If time allows, we will introduce the Perry Poke, Circle Cast, and delve further into fishing and presentation techniques.

Your instructor, Dan Wright, is the Shop Manager for Blue Quill Angler. He is an experienced guide and FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor.