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May 2005

Hello all,

In the March Activity Guide we announced the opportunity for customers to enjoy private water close to Denver/Boulder at bargain prices. We realize that many experienced fishermen are not inclined to use guided services due to the cost and/or their familiarity with Front Range angling. To meet this challenge we have come up with Hosted Fishing Trips where a limited number of anglers (no more than four) can gain access to quality water via the payment of a simple rod fee. Transportation costs are shared and you bring your own lunch, refreshments and equipment. A member of our professional staff will escort you but you will be on your own when it comes to fishing.

Are these locations worth it? Check it out by clicking here for more information.

Fathers Day is on the horizon - June 19, 2005. We are going to offer a few specialty items you'll not find anywhere else, so watch for our announcement.



The New Front Range Anglers Education Center: Front Range Anglers is announcing yet another new initiative to help customers improve their fishing, casting, and fly tying skills.

More on Hosted Fishing Trips: The May column discusses not only why we're introducing hosted fishing trips, but what others think about these properties.

Fly of the Month - Caddis Wet: With Mothers Day around the corner, its time to put the flowers down and grab your fly rod and caddis imitations (Mom will may understand!)

Usefool Tools: The value of many current fly tying tools can be debated but here are two very good choices for your tying bench.

Rattler Flies: A fish's sense of hearing can be just as important as sight. You can take advantage of it.

Its Time - Largemouth Bass: Largemouth Bass along the Front Range are ready, are you?


May Fly Selection: Here are four spring patterns you need in your fly box.

Building and Repairing Leaders: Dealing with leader issues a basic skill for every angler.

Spey Clinic: Here is a reprint of the Boulder Daily Camera article plus some pictures that were not included but probably should have been.


The Best Insurance for a Wading Mishap: It's called a wading staff and every fishermen who enters a freestone stream should be carrying one.

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