The Mono Loop
by Paul Prentiss

Do you know who Ted Trueblood (1913-1982) was? If so, you're probably 50+.

He was raised on a farm in southwestern Idaho and made a living by writing and taking pictures of hunting, fishing, camping, and cooking in the outdoors. He was a major contributor to Field & Stream and wrote several book-length anthologies of his work. In his later years he played a very influential role in the conservation and environmental movement in the West. As a young boy he was one of my heroes and I never missed his magazine articles.

He always had creative ways to accomplish a task. The mono loop, which I started using years ago, was one of those ideas. I use this approach for tying all of my weed guards.

The key ingredient is using stiff monofilament because it does a better job of deflecting grass and weeds and it does not twist or bend away from the hook point.

The mono you select should be relatively close to the diameter of the hook wire. If you are using round mono take a pair of pliers and flatten it where it is tied in to the hook bend. Don't over do it or you'll weaken the mono. I use monocord 3/0 thread to bind the material to the hook.