Mother's Day Caddis
By Brian Schmidt

With Mothers Day around the corner, its time to put the flowers down and grab your fly rod and caddis imitations (Mom will may understand!)

This little guy is a great wet fly for the caddis hatches we have here in the states. Mainly fished on the swing, this fly will produce strikes dead drifted on the surface as well as submersed.

I like to add a small bit of weight to get the fly down so I can swing it on the back half of the drift. Little caddis (naturals) are propelled to the surface after they have gathered enough gas bubbles. The swing does a great job at representing this activity.

Hook: TMC 2488 size to match naturals
Body: Pearsals silk, size marabou color to match naturals
Hackle: Touch dubbed dark squirrel collar; natural colored CDC wrapped one or two times; natural Brahma hen saddle


This is an easily assembled fly that does not have to look perfect to get results.

  1. Start at the bend of the hook tie in the silk and carry the tying thread towards the eye.
  2. Twist the silk to tighten, and wrap the hook.
  3. Leave about 1/4 of the hook blank near the eye.
  4. Tie off the silk and wax an inch or so of the tying thread
  5. Touch the thread with the squirrel hair and wrap a few times on the hook giving you a spiky effect
  6. Tie in the CDC and with two turns around the hook, tie off.
  7. Tie in the Brahma hen and as well only two times around the hook, tie off.
  8. Build thread head, whip finish.