More on Hosted Fishing Trips
By Bill Leuchten

Gary Bennett was certainly pleased with his trip to the North Fork Ranch on April 28, 2005. Catching his largest rainbow ever on a crystal clear day had a lot to do with it.

Bob Bush also went on this trip and here is part of an email I received after the trip...

"I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had on the North Fork Ranch. We all caught a lot of nice fish and quite a few were over 20 inches. The facilities and hospitality of the May's was exceptional, especially the hot chocolate chip cookies. I'm definitely interested in future Hosted Fishing trips that Front Range may care to offer, they're a great bargain and great fun!"


How many places do you fish within 1 hour of Boulder where a 20+ fish a day is the norm and many will be 18-inches or better?

In the Spring 2005 CTU magazine, High Country Angler, there was a article by Janice O'Shea which talked about North Fork Ranch "….the fishing is spectacular. Anglers can expect to fish for rainbows from 16-inches to 6-7 pounds, along with steelhead, cuttbows, browns, and brook trout."

This fish was taken two weeks ago…need I say more?