Video Review

By Larry Jurgens


CARPIN’ presents a comprehensive and lighthearted look at fly fishing for this often misunderstood and underrated game-fish.

This DVD from Mad River Media Features Brian Flechsig (the host) features Dave Whitlock, Jerry Darkes, Michael Bennet and Jim Andrix as guests.
As advertised this DVD is fairly comprehensive. It contains an interesting history of the Carp from its beginnings in China to its “official” introduction into the United States.

There are some excellent tips on fishing for these critters and some fly patterns that are well known and some that are not and some that you have now in your fly box and they will surprise you as to what they are. There is especially one pattern that grabbed my attention is by Jim Andrix that I am absolutely positive that it will work on Trout, bass, etc.

It is a very simple pattern and one of those “why didn’t I think of that before” patterns. I am going to tie some for my trout fishing as well as carp. I wish I had thought of this pattern. Thank you Jim Andrix!!!

The DVD has some excellent action shots and tips.
I give this video a rating of 3 ½ “Gloopers” out of 5.
Be sure to stop in Front Range Anglers and check this DVD out and I am sure you will improve you Carpin’ knowledge.