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November 2006

"...This 2-3 pound Kamloops Rainbow that I caught on Estelle lake near Kamloops BC Canada put up quite a battle."
-Gary Morrison, Bellevue WA

Hello all,

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I'm confident that 2007 is going to be a good fishing year here in Colorado, with the fish entering the harsh winter season fat and happy. Flows are healthy and water levels are adequate at this time, which always is reassuring.

This Saturday kicks off our season of Saturday morning fly tying clinics. This is a great opportunity to pick up techniques that you might not encounter elsewhere. This week we're featuring Brad and Tyler Befus. Click here for more info.

Hope to see you, Bill

Ask About Fly Fishing Radio - Brad Befus: Brad started pursuing carp at Viele Lake in Boulder, CO some 25 years ago when he was in Junior and Senior High.  He ultimately co-authored a book, Carp on the Fly, and is one of the leading experts on fly fishing for this species.

Study Shows 'Global Collapse' of Fish Species: If fishing around the world continues at its present pace, more and more species will vanish, marine ecosystems will unravel and there will be “global collapse” of all species currently fished, possibly as soon as mid-century.  For individual anglers this means getting involved with conservation!

Project Healing Waters: First Lt. Eivind Forseth remembers the last words he heard in Iraq: “You’re gonna go to sleep now,” an Army doctor told him.   Six days later, Forseth woke up at a U.S. Army hospital in Germany.   He could not move what was left of his right arm.
project healing waters

Solution for Used Equipment: Our own online "for sale" forum.



2006-07 Fly Tying Clinics: Front Range Anglers another great Saturday morning line up for the winter of 2006/2007


Cutthroat Candy: How about a pattern that's easy to tie, floats like a cork, can be easily seen, and catches a lot of fish.
cutthroat candy

Dragonfly Tale: Tying realistic flies is a rewarding challenge.   Graham Owen has taken this to a whole new level which is evident when the bug's themselves are fooled by the replicas.

Tying Upright Mayfly Wings: Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer have collaborated on a number of incredibly well put together reference books on fly tying including The Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying, The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference, and Tying Emergers.  Here's part of an article that appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine.

Bead Sizing Made Simple: A fly tying question that constantly comes up is "what size bead do I need?"
tungsten beads

Hinged Strike Indicator: There are lots of ways to rig a strike indicator - here is one of my favorites.
hinged strike indicator

Rod Building Time: As fall turns to winter, the time has come to think about rod building.
rod building

Sight Fishing for River Carp: There are many opportunities to fish for river Carp along Colorado's Front Range.  Here are a few suggestions to improve your hook up rate.
sight fishing for carp

Using Loops for Subsurface Flies: Learn how to tie the absolute best loop knot - the Homer-Rode.
using loops

What About Blue? Do fish positively respond to the color blue? I was doubtful until I gave it a try.

What's Going on Here? For many years there have been persistent rumors of wind in Wyoming.
Fly Fishing Legends: Three decades ago Joe Brooks was considered the greatest fly fisherman in the world.  I still think of him as a personal friend and mentor even though we never met.

Red Ball Waders: When they were introduced 30 years ago they were the lightest and most portable waders available.

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