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bill-mackeral.jpgHello all:
I had customer point out to me that despite all the poor financial news, political change, and talk of the "R" word, the fish don't seem to mind and they still take flies.  That was a comforting thought which motivated me to book a quick trip to the saltwater this month.  We are approaching the season where just the idea of traveling to a tropical destinations can give you something to look forward to.  If you would like some information about how to get started with saltwater fishing -- everything from where to go to what to use -- give Rob a call at the shop.

Thanks for the business and hope to hear from you,


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  Chris Lohne is addicted to finding and catching Permit on the fly.  It sure looks like he's got the process dialed in.













Jack Bookout of Arlington , Texas likes to chase Redfish, but he'll take on a Blackfish when the opportunity presents itself.

  Patrick Knackendoffel of Front Range Anglers was fish prospecting on the South Platte River adjacent to I-25 in Denver to prepare for the annual Carp Slam put on by the Denver TU Chapter.  One particular run looked like it might hold a fish or did but the result was different than expected.

  Howard Heath thought a size 10 black bead head woolybugger might be the answer for Chinooks...he was right!  This fish was taken on a tributary of the St. Marie River in Canada in September of this year.

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"We all watched anxiously for the big Cobia to eat. My vantage point was no less than perfect as I witnessed the big brown fish pick up the fly. “Strip Tom, strip! She’s got the fly!” And with the Abel 12 wt. pointed directly at the fish, Tom made an authoritative strip. The fly line tightened slowly and Tom stripped again. Wham!"  This was the beginning of Tom Herrington's fight to land the Louisiana record here to read about it

 The Future of Fly Fishing


Alex Nieczkoski wrote us a letter that we would like to share here


On November 1, 2008 Confluence Films released its first film, DRIFT which  takes you on a cinematic adventure across the flats of Belize and the Bahamas, down the tailwaters of the Green, Frying Pan and the Big Horn, spey casting on the Deschutes, and exploring the exotic rivers of Kashmir, India.  
Jim Klug, fly fishing destination specialist (Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures); Tom Bie, publisher (Drake Magazine); and Chris Patterson, cinematrographer and director (Warren Miller Ski Films) are behind Confluence Films
Front Range Anglers will be securing a limited number of DVD copies for a discounted $25 each (a great Chrismas gift)  Click here if you want to reserve a copy.

Trout in Trouble .... Trout and the Impacts of Global Warming in the Interior West from Montana TU

Global warming is the single greatest threat to the survival of trout in America’s interior West. If nothing is done to reduce human-produced greenhouse gas emissions—the primary culprit behind global warming—trout habitat
throughout the Rocky Mountain region could be reduced by 50 percent or more by the end of the century.  Click here to read a report from Montana TU - FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO


Stream Access in Utah

This summer the Utah Supreme Court issued what sportsmen in the state are calling a landmark decision, essentially giving the public the right to wade and fish natural streams.

According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, the case stems from a running conflict between a group of landowners who own land on the Weber River and a couple, Kevin and Jodi Conatser, who like to float the river.

The Tribune piece quotes access advocates as applauding the decision, while the attorney for the landowners points out that the decision will open up the doors for other cases.


 Windy Gap or Lets Suck the Colorado River Dry


With about 60 percent of the upper Colorado is already being diverted by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District and Denver Water Board, this project would take another 20 percent of a river struggling to here to read more

New Books for Your Library


A long time project for Charlie Craven has been the creation of a "how to" book on fly tying.

The reader will be treated to great photos featuring cutting edge techniques for basic flies that always catch fish.  Thirty years of hands-on experience in teaching others is found in this book. 

Charlie's skill and dexterity at the bench can only be matched by a limited number of contemporary tiers.

Our friend Barry Reynolds is a master fly fisherman and fly tyer with over twenty years experience guiding fly fishers to angling destinations all over the world.  Barry excels in all aspects of the sport and is a pro-staff member with many elite companies in the fly fishing industry.  He will be offering another book in the near future.




Record Catfish of the Fly


Fishing a 4-pound tippet and eel fly on the James River in July of this year, William Nicar of Richmond Va., landed a 29-pound, 8-ounce flathead catfish.  It took Nicar some 24 minutes to land the fish.  He now has hopes of beating the current IGFA record of 21 lb. 8 oz caught in 2004.


What to look for in upcoming issues of the Front Range Anglers Newsletter

A Christmas Shopping List for Deserving Anglers




There is good news and bad news on the Bighorn during September/October of this here to find out more


Trophy Rainbows on the Kenia


Have you ever dreamed of heading to Alaska for big Rainbows?  Thanks to a friend, Terry Escamilia (pictured at the right), I got my chance.  Here's a little information on how to fish the egg hatch for monster trout.  Terry and I both lost fish over 30-inches on the lower river.... click here 

beginner.jpgGetting Started

  The very first point of contact between you and the fish is your hook.  With a sharp hook you increase your chances of a good hook-set; if you have a dull hook it could mean losing the chance to land the fish of a lifetime.

Most hook manufacturers provide you with a very sharp hook right out of the package, but it's worth checking just to make sure. An easy way to check sharpness is to gently draw the point of the hook across your fingernail. If the point digs in and leaves a mark it is sharp.

I use several different sharpening stones and an EZ LAP pen shaped diamond knife sharpener for larger hooks that require some serious work.  Another good option is the Diafold Diamond Flat File.  All or most of these options can be found in a good hardware store or fly shop.

One of the myths about sharpening hooks is the length of the “sharp” area on the hook. Only the very tip of the
hook point needs to be sharpened - it is what penetrates the jaw.  When you file higher up on
the hook you decrease the diameter of the metal making up the hook point which reduces the point strength.

Sharpening Process:
1) Firmly hold your hook in your vise with the point up
2) Draw your file across the barb toward the point. Repeat this stroke several times while making sure you hold
the file or stone at the same angle each time.
3) Repeat the same strokes on the other side.
4) Make a few final strokes on the bottom of the point. The objective is to form a triangular point.
5) Test the hook for sharpness

The Bitter End


Here is another method of creating a loop connection.  It is particularily effective for large diameter mono.


"Hooking a big Carp in shallow water is like being attached to a dump truck headed downhill with no brakes"




The overwhelming majority of trout hold close to the bank yet many anglers step out into the stream paying no attention to the bank here




Introducing Todd Hosman's new book.  An autographed copy can be purchased at the shop.

The East Slope of the Colorado Rocky Mountains is home to an extraordinary concentration of accomplished fly tyers, perhaps the greatest in the world. Colorado Trout Flies profiles 34 of them, including professional tyers, fly-fishing guides and writers. The book focuses on the featured tyers, but it also details, with recipes and color photos, 68 of their favorite fly patterns.

New Patterns from Rob Kolanda

 Bellyache Minnow


The Bellyache Minnow was recently picked up by Solitude Fly Company and is available in the shop.  It has been in development for over a year and has proven extremely effective on both fresh and saltwater species.  The key to this fly is the use of Ribbed Tungsten Body secured to the top of the shank (causes the hook to ride point-up).  Ice dub (primarily pearl) is used for the outer body with combinations of other shades depending on the desired effect.  A strip of barred rabbit fur (twice the length of the hook shank) completes the fly along with the requsite small eyes.  The fly has great action in the water and is relatively impervious to bottom hangups.

The guys in the shop think this is one of the best streamer patterns they have ever used!

Whonos Drake













This fly is a work in progress (when asked about the name Rob responded "who knows") but it's far enough along to assure you that it not only looks great but produces agressive takes.  In larger sizes it imitates the green or brown drakes  and in smaller versions it works as a callibaetis.  The body is ethafoam, wing is elk hair flanked by hen hackle and a turn of dun CDC.  The tail is several fibers of dark elk or moose.  Its a joy to look at and fish.

  Unique Collection of "GUIDE" Flies



Front Range Anglers professionals have put together a special series of favorite guide patterns flies that you can't buy anywhere else.  Each selection is made up of time proven proven patterns.


Let's take a detailed look at the Carp Selection put together by
Jon Spiegel
Jay Zimmerman
Willie Tiefel
Jeff Brandt


















Click here for more about each selection or to place an order



The Saturday Evening Post was a weekly magazine published by Curtis Publishing Company in the US from August 4, 1821 to February 8, 1969.  Over that period some 44 covers depicted fishing related topics

My family subscribed to this magazine and I can remember most of these covers from the 1950's and 60's.  Like so many things I wish I had saved them!

If you would like to see them click here


A high paying survey gig in Alaska that has some drawbacks

"Do you really think I'll get wet going down the Bighorn rapids"

"Let me take one more hit and then we'll pull it out "




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