Observations on Two New Flylines

A several months ago Larry Jurgens did a product review on the 444 Classic Sylk fly line from Cortland. He was most complimentary about its performance on cane and fiberglass rods. Its complete lack of memory, small diameter, and supple feel convinced Larry that this was an exceptional product. This sounded great but how would it perform on a fast action rod?
Well I recently used one for a week on 71/2-foot Sage XP. It performed exceptionally well. As a matter of fact I was just going to use it for an hour or so and I was so taken with it I never changed lines. It was terrific in the cold weather I encountered on the Rio Grande River. I could easily lay out 60 to 70-feet….very impressive! The taper of the new 444 Classic Sylk is based on traditional silk line designs with long front tapers and longer level tips. Available in WF2F - WF6F and DT2F - DT6F. The Retail is only $48.

In September one of the RIO Reps gave me one of their new Nymph lines. I was told it is "the ultimate line for anglers fly fishing with nymphs and terrestrials because Jim Vincent designed this line with a short front taper, similar to RIOs Clouser line, with weight distributed towards the front end to load a fly rod quickly." As such the taper design makes casting weighted nymphs, hopper/dropper combinations, air resistant flies and indicators easy. The line also features a super high floating orange tip strike indicator of eight inches to help detect subtle strikes.


Does it work? It sure does! Even in the smallest size (I was using a WF4F) it handles large flies and weight quite easily including easy roll casting. The Nymph line is available in WF4F to WF9F and, in camo olive or light green for $54.00. If desirable, the tip with its built-in loop can be cut off without changing the front taper of the line.