The Mormon Girl

On a fishing trip last month a friend asked if I had ever heard of a fly called the Wardens Worry. It was one of the favorite patterns used by his father. " Sure" I said as I recall it as a streamer pattern used extensively in Maine. It brought to my mind a pattern I used to use quite a bit called The Mormon Girl. Roy Donnelly created this beauty in the 1940's. While its popularity however, has waned, it is still a killer pattern for those who continue to use it.


Hook: Mustad 9672, or equivalent, size 4-10.
Thread: Black 6/0.
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet fibers.
Rib: Embossed flat gold tinsel.
Rear Body: Red floss.
Front Body: Yellow chenille.
Hackle: Soft grizzly hackle.
Wing: Badger guard hairs.