Rod Building Time

By Larry Jurgens

Now that winter is fast approaching, it is time to be thinking about building yourself your own personalized fly rod.

rod building
Photo courtesy Cortland Line Company

I have heard it said many times that it looks “hard” to build a fly rod. My normal response is: “If you can you tie a fly or necktie you can surely can build a fly rod.”

The hardest part of rod building is waiting for the weather to cooperate before taking your “newest” fishing tool out and testing it.

Fly rod blanks are made by many manufacturers and in many “grades”, from the serviceable to the “sublime.” To paraphrase a statement from the movie Mad Max, “Casting distance is a just matter of money!”

A personalized fly rod can be built in the price range of approximately $70 (Kit) to $700 (Spey) and anywhere in between. The most expensive component is the rod blank and the least expensive is a hook keeper.

The manufacturer is the major determining cost factor in component selection. Front Range Anglers can outfit you with the components, class and other materials required for completing your “Fantasy Fly Rod.”

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We hope to see at one of the classes.