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October 2004

Hello all:

Another solution for those who have inquired about places that have good fishing away from the crowds -- fish in the autumn! The picture at left was taken on the Arkansas just above Salida. A gorgeous fall day and only a handful of anglers ... you can't beat it!

Our schedule of free Saturday morning fall/winter clinics is posted now (click here). Mark your calendars and don't miss some of the region's most experienced fly fishers showing their stuff. Presentations will range from fly tying and fishing tips and techniques, to destination slide shows. Come on in, the coffee's on!



Fishing All Season: As fall gives way to winter you can pursue fly fishing without getting cold or wet. We have time to restock our fly boxes, secure 'must have' items, build another rod, and so on. It’s a great time to learn new skills for next season.

Announcement for Feather Benders: What's the most expensive investment fly tiers are constantly faced with? Some relief could be on the way.

Fly of the Month: Lime Trude: Here's the fly that has gained a lot of deserved notoriety from the One-Fly Contest in Jackson Hole. It ought to be in your fly box for next summer.

More Bighorn: It gets crushed with too many fishermen, an overabundance of guides, accommodation problems, bad press, etc. But in the end, it remains one of the best places to catch large wild trout.

Hopper Season on the Crowsnest: The Crowsnest in Southwestern Alberta is one of the finest trout streams in North America. Hopper season starts in August and the action is fantastic. We've got an exclusive arrangement for several trips to this area in 2005 - find out more.


Harvey Dry Fly Knot: The Harvey Dry Fly Knot is probably one of the best choices for connecting flies with up or down-turned hook eyes to your tippet.

Traditional Reels - How & When: The Orvis Trout Reel patented in 1894 was first 'traditional' fly reel and the base for all modern design.


Chota Brookies: Do you like to wet wade? Here's a must have product for high country creeks.

Sol-X Sunglasses: Of all the fishing gear you own, top quality sunglasses has to be right a the top of the list of important items. This is an area where smart fishermen never economize or compromise.

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