Sol-X Sunglasses

Four years ago I bought a pair of expensive Costa Del Mar fishing glasses. As I recall they were around $170. For no particular reason the frame simply came apart (not the first problem encountered with these glasses). So I was in the market for a new pair pending replacement or repair by Costa Del Mar. The last time it took three months to fix a broken lens and this time around they were no longer making the model.
While looking at a selection of glasses from Action Optics Brian Schmidt mention how much he liked his Sol-X wire frames (the Glide model). After slipping on a pair I was taken and very impressed with their comfort and sharp quality lens.

Action Optics considers its Sol-X line to be the ultimate polarizing lens the company produces. First off the lenses are photochromic which means the density or darkness varies according to light conditions. The thin lenses are made of extremely high quality glass (which I prefer) and are tapered (thinner material on the outside edge) to eliminate distortion. They have a silver flash finish on the front of the lens and an antireflective coating on the interior. If that's not enough, they feature a hydrophobic coating to shed rain.

These are way beyond simple sunglasses. Brian pointed out that he has never worn a better pair. I decided to try some and it turned out to be one of my better decisions. After three weeks of fishing in Canada I'm totally sold on these glasses.

I selected the cooper shade but they also come in brown and grey. If you don't care for the Glide frames they have two other models to choose from. They're not inexpensive but I think they're well worth the price. Here's a bit of advice: You can economize on a lot of fishing gear but don't do it on your fishing glasses.

When and if I get my Costa Del Mar's back (by the way the way the lifetime warranty only covered the frame, meaning you have to pay for the optics) they will become a backup to my Sol-X Glides.