The Clear Tip Fly Line
by Bill Leuchten

I frequently get asked for a clear tip line that "gets down quick". There are plenty of Sink tip lines that get streamers and nymphs down quicker to the zone, but have you noticed that the only ones that get down fast are not clear, but instead are their natural tungsten colored brown or grey? The clear tipped fly lines only sink 1.5 inches per second (ips) to 2 ips.

Most people want a clear tipped fly line which you can attach a 2 ft leader onto, and then attach a streamer or wet fly so that it is on a "short leash". This allows the fly to be pulled down effectively with the sinking line. But with this technique comes the fear of attaching a fly on to a leader that is too close to that fish spooking fly line! When the fly line leading up to the fly is clear, most people have less of a problem with it.

So the clear tips are here in abundance. However, they only sink up to 2 inches per second. Unfortunately, when you you want to go deep, you're going to have to live with the thought that you "could" have caught many more fish if you only had a fast sinking clear tip. If someone could invent a way to make a heavyweight clear substance to use for fly lines, they'd really be onto something.

This Bonefish line is a common example of a slow sinking 6' clear tip.