Fly of the Month
By Brian Schmidt


This is a BWO spinner which also works exceedingly well as a cripple. The fly needs to lie flat on the surface or in the film. I've had great luck with this very simple pattern and I'm sure you will find it very productive.


Hook: Dry Fly size 18 - TMC 101 or comparable straight-eye hook
Thread: 8/0 olive
Abdomen: Nature's Spirit hand spun yarn- BWO
Thorax: Nature's Spirit emerger dub - rusty olive
Legs: Whiting brahma hen - olive
Wings: Whiting grizzly hen neck
Tail: Whiting Coq De Leon - med. pardo


1. Tie in tailing equal to the hook shank
2. Un-spin the abdomen yarn tapering the tie in point. After securing to the bend twist it tight & wrap up the hook shank
3. Add the thorax
4. Tie in the wings at a 40 to 45-degree angle to the hook shank
5. Tie in the legs with 3 wraps then tie off and whip finish