Front Range Anglers Rod Building
By Larry Jurgens
Attention all prospective rod builders. As you know winter is fast approaching and winter is the time to build your custom fly rod. If you have never built a fly rod you should try it as there is an immense amount of self gratification in this endeavor. If you think you could never build a fly rod because of the difficulty, I say "BOOSHWAH" as it is easier than you may imagine.

Front Range Anglers is expanding its rod building section per customer demands. Front Range Anglers can get you most any manufacturer's rod blank to build. We now have in stock some of Pacific Bay International inc. fly rod kits. These kits are 9 foot, 5 weight 3 piece rods and have all the components needed to complete the rod. The prices range from $59.99 for the "Angler", $69.99 for the "Custom" and $95.99 for the "Elite". I have built the "Elite" rod kit and it is on display for your perusal at the shop. Come by and cast this rod. I think you will be impressed. Front Range Anglers is not going to carry a large inventory of rod blanks as we can generally get them on a 3-5 working day schedule or even sooner.

Instructors: Larry Jurgens or Daniel Smith

Class Schedule:
Rod Building Schedule 2005

Class #
Session 2
Class 1
Wed Oct 26, 2005
Wed Nov 02, 2005
Class 2
Wed Nov 30, 2005
Fri Dec 09, 2005
Class 3
Wed Dec 28, 2005
Wed Jan 04, 2006

Course Description:
COST: $35 + blank and components. Rental fees if applicable.

This introductory course provides the student with the necessary instructions to start and complete their first fly rod. The Introduction to Rod Building Class will include a brief history of rod materials, generations of graphite, terms, and the basic techniques for rod wrapping, gluing, and personalized instruction.

  • Students will receive a 15% discount on all hardware.
  • Limit 5 students per class.

The class will be held on two consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
Check for available class openings and dates with Front Range Anglers at 303-494-1375
Classes will be instructed by Larry Jurgens or Daniel Smith.

It is suggested that you pick out and order your components a minimum of one week prior to the beginning of the class.

Classes run for 2 consecutive weeks, on Wednesday night (except for Fri Dec 9) from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Class session 1 will consist of the following:

  • Glue up the reel seat, and glue it to the rod blank.
  • Ream and glue the grip to the blank.
  • Glue the tip top to the blank.
  • Thread wrapping a stripping guide and a snake guide.
  • You will then take your rod home and finish wrapping your guides.

Though not essentially required, Front Range Anglers will have a thread tensioning device for rent at a modest fee or you can purchase a device of your own.

Class session 2 will consist of the following:

  • Inspecting thread wraps that you have done at home and
  • Coat one of thread wraps.
  • You will then take your rod home and finish coating your thread wraps.

Front Range Anglers will have a rotisserie to apply the finish to your thread wraps for rent at a modest fee or you can purchase a device of your own.

Rod building offers a freedom of choice, self-satisfaction, and potential opportunity to save some money. Rod building is very enjoyable, and relaxing. It is easy to learn, and master. Unlike most things in fly-fishing, getting started is very inexpensive. If you are looking at purchasing a rod, or you want a rod that fits you specifically, then give rod building a serious thought and ask for the course curriculum.

If you so choose I will meet you at Front Range Anglers by appointment and help you choose and order your rod blank and components. I can be contacted through the shop or by email or even directly if you choose to set up an appointment or have any other questions.

Front Range Anglers is also offering a one to one personalized class that can be scheduled during the day. The days scheduled will be determined between the instructor and the student. This class will be highly personalized and conducted on a step by step basis for 2 days in the shop. This class may or may not have some homework between sessions. This high intensity class will be any where from 4 to 6 hours long per session and will be priced at $99.00. Please contact Larry Jurgens to setup a date.

My contact information is as follows:

303-494-1375 Front Range Anglers phone Personal email
303-422-4166 My home phone - (Leave a message with the following information, who you are and that it is about rod building. ALL calls are screened)

See you in class
Larry Jurgens