The Wired Stone ~A Brad Befus Pattern
Brad originally developed that pattern in fishing for high country streams in smaller sizes. It is sold commercially by Umpqua Feather Merchants.
Note the two shades of Ultra Wire. You can use various combinations to create different effects.

HOOK: #8-16 Tiemco 200R.
BEAD: Brass gold-colored bead.
THREAD: Olive 6/0 Danville or 70-denier UTC.
TAIL: Two ginger goose biots split with a ball of ginger dubbing.
ABDOMEN: Hot yellow and black Ultra Wire.
WINGCASE: Mottled brown Medallion Sheeting.
LEGS: Ginger goose biots.
THORAX: Peacock herl.

Tying instructions on the page that follows were secured from the December 2003 issue of Fly Fishermen in an article written by Brad. Click here to see the article in PDF format.