The Second Fly…the Brightboy
Paul Prentiss


I recently wrote a fishing column in the Boulder Daily Camera about the Superfly contest in Gunnison.  Last month one of the two flies I was permitted to use was featured in the Front Range Anglers Newsletter.  In the article I talked briefly about the second fly indicating it had produced fish all summer.  I’d didn’t get to use it in the contest because I lost it on the first fish I hooked.  On the day prior to the contest it took 18 fish.

Anyway, a number of people have asked me about the pattern.  It’s a beadhead nymph that I call the Brightboy.  It’s incredibly simple to tie and it has worked very well on every stream that I’ve tried it.  I just use it in one size, 16 , tied on a heavy wire hook with a tungsten or regular nickel bead. I’ve tried a lot of different shades but olive seems to work the best for me.


If you’ve asked for recipes before you’re on my list and I’ll send it to you.  If not, send me an email and I’ll see that you get it.