It’s Time for Streamers!



Although the browns don’t begin building redds until October through November, good streamer fishing starts in September. This is the time for some heavy artillery, a #7 or #8 weight rod, and bigger reels loaded with sink tips or sinking head lines and stout 1X or 2X tippets. If you’re in a drift boat you want lines help you get a fly down quickly into 3-5 feet of water along the banks and drop offs, where the browns like to hang out, especially on brighter days.
brownLead headed wooly buggers to various big and ugly conehead streamers in sizes 2 to 6 are the order of the day.   The obvious assortment of black, brown and olive Wooly Buggers, cone head sculpins,  zonkers, matukas and rabbit fur strip flies need to be in your fly box

<-- Here’s a major tip, try John Barr’s Meat Whistle which appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine in March of this year