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September 2004

Jon, Bill and Danny are getting an early start on procuring the finest fly tying materials for this winter's tying season.

Hello all:

For all of you that have good fly fishing equipment that's not being used anymore or not up to your current standards, we have a solution! We're inplementing a new shop program, where you can bring in your used equipment and we'll sell it for you on Ebay. You'll receive ALL proceeds from the sale in store credit at Front Range Anglers. This will be an easy way for you to upgrade your gear and clean out your gear closet at the same time!

Click here for details on the Front Range Anglers Ebay Trade-in Program!



Alberta: What's 1200 miles away, offers unlimited big and small stream fishing, has incredible scenery, contains 89% fewer people than the US, and offers easy access? It's Southwestern Alberta & Southeastern British Columbia. Here is the first of several articles on a three week trip to this area.

Bighorn Reloaded: Jon Spiegel just returned from one of the most popular destinations for Front Range fishermen, the Bighorn River. Some claim the Bighorn is not what it once was but Jon thinks otherwise.

Understanding Deer Hair: Getting the most out of deer hair means understanding some basics about deer hides.

The Schminnow: Here's a fly pattern developed by Norm Zeigler, author of "Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun" for Florida Snook. However, its effective for a wide range of fresh and saltwater species.

What Kind of Fly is This?: The brotherhood of foam fly tiers headed by our own Larry Jurgens is busy creating an incredible array of new patterns.


Double Haul: Developing a comfort level with double haul casting is a must for many kinds of fishing.

Mono Loop Nail Knot: In a pinch this technique will help you quickly tie a nail knot.

Determining Optimal River Flow: Find out how various rates of flow impact optimal fishing on various rivers along the Front Range.


What is Spey Casting?: Do you think it would be desirable to cast 100-feet without a traditional backcast? Many anglers have an affirmative response to this question and 12 to 15-foot Spey rods are appearing in increasing numbers on some of our large western rivers

Two Weighty Ideas : Here are a couple of ways to fish a fly deeper and/or improve its action.

Fishing Barbless: Jon Spiegel captured on film this unusual Bighorn 'sipper' who was working a riffle close to the bank.


Winston Boron IIX : The best all-around rod out there? Here's the scoop on Winston's new Boron/graphite composite rod.


Guide Flies: Check out this excellent fly tying book -- an outstanding selection of flies, including how to tie and fish them, from America's best guides and fly shops.

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