Front Range Anglers Ebay Trade-In Program

Front Range Anglers offers a trade-in program through which we arrange the sale of your used gear on Ebay. You'll receive the profits from your sale in store credit.

How does Ebay work?

If you've never used Ebay before, here's how it works. Ebay is an online auction house. Items are listed online with a photo and description and offered for bid. The seller determines the starting bid, which can be anywhere from $1 on up. You also have the option of setting a "reserve price". That is the minimum that you will accept for the item.

For example, you might have an old Sage fly rod to sell. You can start the bidding at $10, but you can set the "reserve price" to $100. As people bid, they will be notified that the reserve price has not been met until they are bidding at or over $100.

Prospective buyers have 7 days to bid on the item. At the end of the 7-day period, the auction closes and the highest bidder wins the item. Shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer, and the cost is added on to their total at the end.

What will FRA do for me?

We will take care of the entire process of selling your item on Ebay, including any Ebay fees. You simply bring your item in and fill out our registration form. We will photograph and list the item and monitor the auction. When the auction is complete, we will collect the payment from the seller, ship the item, and issue you a certificate for store credit in that amount. You'll be notified by email or phone when the process is complete. Then you go shopping!

Your store credit must be used within 30 days of the finalization of the Ebay sale.