The Winston Boron IIX

Paul Prentiss
Three weeks in Canada fishing 12 streams under wide ranging conditions, using large dries (10 to 6) with occasional dropper rigs, has compelled me to mention the new Winston Boron IIX. Mine arrived 3 days prior to departure and while I had not fished it, I was reasonably confident that it was a winner. I'd had an opportunity to cast it at the Retail Show in Denver last year and I placed an order at the earliest opportunity.

Mine was a 4-piece 9-foot 6-weight matched with a multi-tip line from RIO products. Not only could you easily lay out 30 to 80 feet of line, it was light (2 7/8 oz) with a small profile, had a great grip, and a beautiful finish - a traditional characteristic of all Winston rods.


I have a number of Sage rods and I'm a big fan of their fast action products but this Winston is not a lesser alternative. In fact, it's now my favorite 6-weight. These rods are quite a bit different from anything Winston has ever produced. Boron IIx is the second generation of the boron/graphic composite the company started using in 1997. According to Winston, "They have all the strength and power of boron, while being very lightweight and offering the rare ability to fish at close, medium or long distances with equal aplomb. It's an unusually strong material with a very quick recovery rate and is ideal for designing rods that can generate extremely high line speeds."

Here is a comment from George Anderson about these amazing new rods:

"We have always been fans of the Winston WT series (these are the original rods that Tom Morgan designed). The WT Trout rods cast beautifully at short to medium distances but were not in the same class with either the Loomis GLX rods or the Sage XP's when it came to throwing long distances with larger flies, nor were they as adept at handling strong windy conditions.

The Winston Boron IIx rods do it all! These rods have a nice soft tip, like the WT rods, that allow for superb accuracy and delicate presentations at shorter distances. The softer, more flexible tip is also the key to protecting light tippets when you set the hook a little too hard on 5X and 6X.

A strong new boron/graphite composite is used in the butt section, and combined with stiff mid sections and softer tips-these rods redefine the fast-action category! Now you can make delicate presentations at 25 feet or make extremely long casts up to 100 feet with a rod like the standard 9 foot #5 weight! The most amazing thing to all of us here was how light these rods felt when we picked them up. They're close to a full ounce lighter than most comparable rods. Nothing on the market comes close to having the same power to weight ratio as these Boron IIx rods."

If you're thinking about a new fast action rod, do yourself a favor and give the Boron IIX a close look.