The Double Haul Cast for Distance - Part 2
Bill Leuchten

Last month I talked about the importance of having the hands in proper position to start an effective haul [Click here to read last month's article]. Now I'd like to address the timing of the haul.

Several years ago I went to a cast doctor to examine a tailing loop problem I was having. He diagnosed that the problem was all caused by my timing when starting the haul, which was a fraction of a second too early. The forward cast haul should be started AFTER you've started the actual front cast. Many anglers start tugging on the line before they've started the forward cast and this can result in problems. Start your forward cast, and a split second later start the haul and this will take away any tailing loops pretty quickly.

In this photo, I'm starting the haul before I've started my cast, which will result in a tailing loop. Instead, wait until after the cast has begun to begin your haul.