Video Library Reviews
By Larry Jurgens

Here's a review of three DVD videos that we have just added to the Front Range Anglers rental library.

1. Fly Tying Yellowstone Hatches with Craig Mathews, Volume I

This is a no-nonsense, straightforward fly tying tape that has 22 patterns that are useful on any Rocky Mountain area waters.

The tying session for each pattern is shown and tied in a very pleasing way. There is no unnecessary chatter or meaningless dialogue. There is an explanation on the "why's and where's" these patterns were developed and used. Each pattern has a recipe and is tied with the fewest and simplest of steps.

This is one of the better fly tying videos that I have seen.

I give this fly tying video a rating of 4 1/2 leaping Rainbow Trout.

2. Tying Flies For Spring Creeks & Tailwaters with Mike Lawson, 2 DVD Set

This video is not only about tying flies but also has some good explanations and underwater scenes of the insects and fish, and the patterns when fishing them. This video has so much useful information on fly tying and fly fishing that it needs to be watched several times to absorb all the information. The video is presented in Mike Lawson's laid-back manner and his explanations on each pattern and the various materials used on each are invaluable. For novice fly tyers his explanations covering every facet of the tying steps involved is excellent.

A bonus for the tyer is that the pace of the tying sequence is such that the patterns can be tied right along with Mike. I personally benefited from this pace on a couple of patterns that have given me trouble in the past. By tying along with Mike I was able to resolve the problems that have continually plagued me when tying these patterns.

I give this video a rating of 3 ½ leaping Rainbow Trout.

3. Fly Fishing Colorado's Major 6 presented by Marty Bartholomew, 2 DVD Set;

This video is about fishing on the Arkansas, Colorado, Frying Pan, Gunnison, Roaring Fork and South Platte Rivers. There are a multitude of scenes on fishing these various rivers.

Marty fishes with anglers and guides who are very familiar with these waters. He gleans a lot of useful information from these fishing companions.

The video has a fly tying section that has some interesting and not well known patterns.

He presented one particular pattern that I tied and tried. I was ecstatic at how effective it is. I am not revealing this pattern in this review. But, if you catch me in the shop I will gladly tell you which pattern I am talking about.

I give this video a rating of 2½ leaping Rainbow Trout.

Be sure to rent these three videos and see if you agree with my assessments!