Travel Insurance

Global Rescue is the only emergency response service that will rescue you anywhere in the world and bring you home to safety and your choice of hospital.


GLOBAL RESCUE – International Emergency Evacuation Insurance

GR_logo_blackAt Front Range Anglers, nothing is more important than our clients’ health and safety. Although we do everything possible to ensure our clients have a safe experience, unavoidable accidents do happen. An illness or injury at a remote travel destination could require a medical evacuation costing over $100,000. That is why we want to strongly recommend that you protect yourself with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical evacuation and response services.

We enlist Global Rescue’s services on all of our own remote trips, and personally know people that have had to activate their service and have been well taken care of. Make sure you’re covered before you travel. Global Rescue could save your life. Below are just some of the benefits that members can expect from Global Rescue.

  • Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury
  • Evacuation back to the member’s home hospital of choice
  • 24hr medical advisory services from critical care paramedics and in-house physicians
  • Specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine available in real-time
  • Global network of medical Centers Of Excellence
  • Paramedics deployed overseas to the member’s bedside
  • Medical evacuation services provided up to $500,000
  • Option to upgrade to include security extraction


Global Rescue memberships are all-inclusive and have no deductibles or hidden costs. Memberships are available in short term, single-trip options or annual plans protecting all travels, both domestic and international. Most people aren’t aware of the serious deficiencies of their health insurance, travel insurance, platinum card program or SOS hotline service. These programs do not respond timely and do not have in-house medical and security professionals to deploy to your location anywhere on the planet to solve your crisis. Global Rescue has a proven track record of success under the most difficult conditions.

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