Report Summary

With the unseasonably warm weather, I took a couple hours to check in on Clear Creek. The majority of the canyon is still pretty iced up, but there were a few holes open that I cherry picked along the way. With temps nearing 70 on this day, there was plenty of midge activity, although most of it was about a size 28. I did see a handful of little black stones in the canyon.

The plunge pools just above Mayhem Gulch were open and fishing pretty well. Other than that the majority of the fishable holes were from Huntsman Gulch and downstream. The upper reaches of the Golden Mile stretch had open water, but there were still considerable ice jams as I got closer to Washington st.

Note that with all the construction going on for the new bike path in the canyon there is some localized water stain. North clear creek is also dumping color into the water with runoff.

Try running a heavy stone or worm pattern up front, with a #20 or smaller midge such as a miracle midge, zebra midge, black beauty, or juju trailed behind.

Clear Creek 1 Clear Creek 2

Reported By: Erik MyhreArray
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