Fly Tying Clinic Schedule 2011/12

Free Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Clinics

Front Range Anglers is very excited about the 2011/12 fly tying line-up that we have this year.  A few changes to our "typical" Saturday morning tying agenda, but FRA is confident that we are going to offer more FREE instruction to better help tiers of all levels. 

We hope to see you all at these great clinics, make one or attend them all!  All clinics start at 10AM sharp, we will see you there with fresh coffee and hot patterns for Colorado and beyond.

Of further interest to beginning and advanced fly tiers is the fact that our fly tying department in the shop is undergoing a major renovation and expansion. We have over 800 square feet devoted to tying and have the largest and most comprehensive inventory in the region. When you come in on Saturday morning take advantage of 15% off all fly tying materials between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. In addition, there will be a special sale (25% or more off) on one particular fly tying item that will be announced at 10:00 AM.

FRA offers private and group instruction that caters to the beginner and intermediate fly tiers, click Here to find out more.



Featured Tier


Nov 12th

Paul Prentiss

Tying with CDC - CDC is known as one of the best fly tying materials on the planet.  It's use in this country got started in the late 1980's but has been the material of choice for Europeans since the 1920's.  Many of today's patterns draw on the developments in Europe during the 1950"s and 60's.,  Paul will be discuss why CDC is such a fantastic and versatile option.  You will see techniques used by many Europeans via videos and commentary.  Paul will tie a few patterns each of which will use different approaches to working with CDC.  The objective here is to make you reflect on how you can use CDC in your tying endeavors.

Nov 19th

Paul Prentiss

Special Purpose Indicator Flies - Is foam becoming passé as a primary ingredient for indicator flies.   If West Water Products has there way, you will be using  flies with bodies made out of the same material as their Thingamabobber.  What heck are Unibobbers and Thingamabodies? How do you tie with them? How about rigging them?  Find out the answers to this and other stirring fly tying issues.

Dec 3rd

Paul Prentiss

New Steamer Materials & Approaches - Paul Prentiss is going way beyond just tying with Rabbit and Marabou.  How about tying some patterns that drop to the bottom immediately.  Have you ever tied big streamers on cotter pins.  If you fish big water like the Colorado or Gunnison this is a must see.

Dec 10th

Paul Prentiss

Must Have Scuds

Dec 16th


Holiday Party at Front Range Anglers from 4-7.  Beer, Food, and Great Deals.

Dec 24th


A quiet, personal reflection on fly tying.   See our pattern index for inspiration.

Dec 31st

New Years Eve

Recover at your desk and tie up a few.  Post your best creations!

Jan 7th

Fly Fishing Show

Come visit FRA down at the Fly Fishing Show in Denver, we will have deeply discounted fly gear.  This is gear you actually want!

Jan 14th

Steve Schweitzer

Steve has published a book last January called "The Fly Fishing Guide to RMNP".  Join us as he ties patterns from the book.  He is going to focous on using Chewee Skin for his great local patterns.  He will share his wisdom about fishing the Park.  We'll have copies of the book available for purchase so you can have Steve autograph yours.

Jan 21st

Patrick Tennyson

 Intro to Bugs - Patrick Tennyson is the Director of the Butterfly Pavilion and an expert on stream entomology.  He has taught our special classes for years.  This session will be focused on what you can expect to find on front range streams and how bets to imitate these insects.

Jan 28th

Rob Kolanda

 Hardy/Greys rep and Team USA Fly Fishing member, Rob has tricks up his sleeve for every species that swims.  He has been busy behind the vise tying for Solvenia, where Team USA will be traveling to this summer.  A rep for both Montana Fly and Enrico Pulglesi, Rob has some great flies to share.

Feb 4th

Mark Rayman

 Mark "Iron Tyer" Rayman is a long-time fly fishing and tying guru in the Longmont area. You'll see Mark tie a variety of flies from a secret ingredient. He promises a variety of trout, warmwater and saltwater fly patterns.

Feb 11th

Paul Prentiss

For many years fly tier options in the arena of bonding agents for soft and hard bodied flies were pretty much limited to epoxy, silicone, Softex, and even water based Hard Head.  In 2005 the game changed with the arrival of Tuffleye.  A light cured, quick drying adhesive, using a clear acrylic resin.  It was fast, easy, didn't yellow or crack, and offer a whole new way of constructing flies.  Now we've got UV Knot Sense, Clear Cure Goo, Tuffleye, Bug Bond, Liquid Fusion , and probably more to come.  What should you use? What are their limitations? What seems to be the future with these products?  What's it going to cost me to drop epoxy and what's the ongoing expense.  The answer to these and other perplexing questions about the universe will be forever resolved by Paul Prentiss on February 11, 2012

Feb 18th

Devin Olsen

Competition Eye for the Indicator Guy - Team USA Member gives an interactive presentation about what the European fishing methods mean for the avearge angler.  A list of topics covered:
- Czech vs. French nymphing
- Rigging and fishing the French method
- How French nymphing solves the problems with indicator nymphing
- Diagrams and video footage to support

Feb 25th

Richard Pilatzke

 Demonstrating some excellent techniques for foam fly patterns, including damsels, dragonflies and beetles.

March 3rd

Bruce Mardick

GO TO FLIES - Bruce Mardick is first and foremost a fisherman and his patterns may not be pretty but their solid fish catchers.  Every single one of these has proven itself in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  He has an olive conehead streamer that he will be showing you that simply catch fish everywhere you care to fish it.

March 10th



March 17th

Frank Smetherst

Scott Fly Rods Rep and Teva Games winner gives us a breakdown of patters that produce on tough trout as well as toothy predators.

March 24



March 31st

Paul Prentiss

Spring Carp Flies - This is a presentation for those poor individuals who are afflicted by the desire to chase Carp above all other species.  Paul will talk about what makes a good carp pattern and will be sharing some guide patterns for rivers and still water.


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