The Wet-Wire Autumn Caddis

Fly Image at Front Range Anglers
Hook: Tiemco 200R or equivalent 3XL Hook– size 12, 14 Thread: Yellow UTC 70 Rib: Gold Lagartun or UTC fine wire – note that it is wound through the thorax and over the hackle Abdomen: Flat gold mylar tinsel Thorax: Orange seal substitute – needs to be spiky and translucent Hackle: Light brown palmered front to back over thorax Wing: Wood Duck breast feather This pattern was developed by Dennis Collier who resides in Longmont, Colorado Dennis is a well known angler and talented fly tier whose creative and meticulous patterns are a joy to behold and fun to fish. Caddis flies are one of the most widely distributed, common hatches in the world. Caddis flies have complete life cycle meaning they develop in four stages - egg, larva, pupa, and adult. They get their formal name, Trichoptera, because of their body characteristics. Tricho-, means hair, and -pter means wings. In the US they estimate that there are 3,000 different species. They are harmless creatures which do not sting.

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