Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is a professional fly fishing guide, instructor, and author who focuses on difficult or unusual species. His books are a must for any fisherman's library. Barry has fished extensively throughout the US and Canada and holds several IGFA line-class records. Barry's "Mastering Pike on The Fly: Strategies and Techniques", published last year, is an awesome book for any Pike angler. Combining science with more than twenty years of experience fly fishing for pike, Barry gives anglers a true appreciation of northerns and their habitat and a full complement of strategies, flies and tools needed to locate and catch pike under nearly every circumstance. The first few chapters explain locations and seasonal movements of pike, and the science behind the pike's environment including feeding habits, spawning, different lake types, etc. Many new recipes for pike flies are included in this work. Even better, Barry takes the time to explain how when he uses each type of fly. Lefty Krey got it right in the forward - "I cannot conceive how anyone could write a better book for fly fishermen who want to catch pike on a fly."

Barry's Carp Fly Barry's Cottonseed Clouser Swimming Nymph
Gen-X Bunny Mirror Image Clouser

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