BJ Lester

BJ Lester learned how to fly-fish from a favorite uncle in Louisiana at age 10, and the sport became a life-long passion. A well-known fly tier, casting instructor, and author, BJ has been professionally involved with the sport for the last 12 years. She is particularly adept at teaching others which is largely due her former career as an educator of considerable note. She has published several articles about the Park in various national publications including the current issue of Southwestern Fly Fishing "Rocky Mountain National Park West of the Divide". In addition, BJ has guided many clients both in the Park and in the surrounding area.
Bloody Butcher Ice Dub Para-Wulff Pheasant Tail Bowtie
Quill Adams Soft Hackle Yellow Sally
Biot Caddis Bloody Butcher #2 Damsel Nymph
Ice Dub Para Wulff #2 Quill Adams #2 Soft Hackle #2

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