Bob Bush

Born in Boulder in 1944, Bob has spent more than 55 years with a fishing rod in his hand. While his father, Harold, was a major contirbutor, everyone in his extended family enjoyed fishing. "We fished every weekend, when we could, and took summer fishing excursions to a lake or stream, somewhere along the Front Range, and, if dad had a little more time, we would go to the western slope to fish the Gunnison, Arkansas or Colorado Rivers. Grand Mesa was a regular stop whenever we had the opportunity." "I was very lucky, as a youngster, having a neighbor lady who tied flies for Hank Roberts (a local fishing icon and the first true fly shop owner along the Front Range). I would visit her home and watch her tie. "I would be mesmerized watching her as she crafted those Yellow Body Gray Hackles, Royal Coachmen, Rio Grande Kings and Mosquitos. She'd even give me one pointing out that there was a mistake, but I knew that she never made a mistake. She mentioned to my father that I was very interested in fly tying. That Christmas, my father gave me a vice, this was in 1950 at the ripe old age of 6. Well, you can imagine how terrible I was, but with the guidance of my neighbor lady, I soon became good enough to use and catch fish with my own patterns. As they say, everything has a beginning and that is how my fishing began!" "I graduated from Boulder High School, was an all-state center for Boulder High, was class clown (maybe not the best distinction) and achieved a few outdoor lessons along the way. I attended CU, joined the National Guard, married a local gal, Dianne, and raised my two boys here in Boulder. Both boys are married to great wives and have two children each."
Black Mercury Midge Candy Cane Midge Gray Midge Larva
Gray Midge Pupa Miracle Midge Larva Parachute Adams
Red Bead Head Midge Larva Cased Caddis Larva CDC Rusty Spinner
CDC Flying Ant Western Coachman Double Fly PMD
Elk Hair Stimulator Gray Bubble Midge PMD CDC Dun
PMD CDC Emerger PMD CDC Paraspinner

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