Bob Krumm

Bob Krumm started guiding on the Bighorn River in 1985. He formerly guided on western Wyoming rivers - the Green, New Fork and Snake. He has extensive fishing experience in Michigan, Maine, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Argentina, the Bahamas, and New Zealand. Bob's view of guiding explains why he is in such demand: "I love guiding fly fishers. I have a job that allows me to make dreams come true. People look forward to fishing trips with me because they are planning and dreaming about the fish they are going to catch. Every day I am able to instruct, share, and participate in a person's joy and accomplishments. Guiding is truly a wonderful job and I feel blessed to be able to walk the guide's path."
Baetis Nymph Black Caddis Emerger Black CDC Caddis
Blue Matuka
Brown Stone
Ray Charles
1/8 Midge
Black Caddis
Blue Matuka
Brown Stone
Yellow Sally

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