Brian Schmidt

BRIAN SCHMIDT has been stalking trout for over 9 years. Learning the art on the legendary spring creeks of Pennsylvania, Brian has developed a true passion for fly fishing and tying flies. This passion has brought him to many places searching for different species of both fresh and saltwater fish. You'll find him casting dries mostly and swinging wets for those picky trout in hard to reach places. Brian is on the Pro Staff of the Montana Fly Company.
Olive Indian Papal Purple Indian Papal Purple Minutia
Papal Purple Minutia Emerger Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle Pheasant Caddis
Suckitville Sally Brian's SSSH #1 Brian's SSSH #2
Super Starling Suckitville Sally Spider
Slow Water Streamer Inside-Out Rabbit Dung
Conehead Bonehead Wet Fly Streamer

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