Dennis Collier

"Born and raised in Colorado, and blessed with a father who greatly enjoyed fly fishing, my exposure to this sport and passion for the same, is deeply embedded in the earliest of childhood memories. In the late 1940’s, dad would take me along on frequent excursions to such places as Evergreen Lake. For a six-year old this was an expedition of epic proportions. Sitting on the bank where the currents of upper Bear Creek smoothed and entered the expanse of still water, I’d dance a jig each time he plucked the object of pursuit from beneath the liquid mirror. It was only natural that fly tying would follow suit, and my destiny to become a life-long student of the fly tiers art was sealed one Christmas when Santa left a box labeled “Basic Fly Tying Kit” under the tree. The crude creations of gaudy fur and feathers would subsequently be field tested on the little brook trout and cutthroats residing in upper Chicago Creek." Over the years Dennis married and raised a daughter, became involved in commercial graphic arts, printing and paper sales. But all the while fly fishing remained a big part of his life.  

In the last five years he has been involved in guiding, instruction, and fly tying clinics. Recently he became a partner in a destination venture, Fly Fishing Exchange. 

Gizmo Daddy Needle Hopper Pike Hors DeVours
Rabbit Rouser SnoBall II Wet Wire Western Coachman Soft Hackle

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