Larry Jurgens

"I was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the year 1941, (a galaxy far, far away and a long, long, long time ago.) The first fishing experience I can remember is with my dad and uncle -- they would hook a fish and let me bring it in. I was around 3 years old at the time. My dad was killed in WW II, and this is one of the few memories that I have of him. My mother has told me that my dad was a dyed-in-the-wool fly fisherman, so I guess I came by this avocation honestly. I have some pictures of my dad wearing the classic fly-fishing uniform of the times and they are real interesting. As one of the fly- fishing fraternity, it seems we still have a uniform to separate us from those "other" fishermen. Think about it!! I have fished as far back as I can remember. In the '50s the city of Arvada used to stock Ralston Creek with trout every year for "kid's" fishing. In those days the best fishing was in the "city" from Carr Street to Lamar Street. One of the best fishing spots for trout in the Arvada-Wheatridge area was Clear Creek for about a 1/2 mile east and west of Wadsworth. Clear Creek was good fishing from the town of Georgetown to Sheridan St. in Denver. I am fairly certain that it was a put-and- take fishery then as it is now. When I became old enough to drive my fishing area expanded exponentially from that point on. I have tried almost all of the various fishing disciplines from "noodling" trout in Lyons City Park to long range deep-sea fishing out of San Diego. But, my favorite discipline is still small stream fishing in my home state of Colorado. I first attempted fly-tying in the mid-1960s and have been hooked every since. Sometimes I think that I enjoy tying as much as fishing. My hope is that one of these days I will get good at it. I retired from Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent Technologies on March 31, 2001 and have been enjoying my retirement immensely. Still don't fish enough tho'!! Earlier this year I became associated with Front Range Anglers in a consulting capacity. I have been helping Bill and staff to "update" the fly-tying section of the shop. We are now at the point of being able to say that Front Range Anglers has one of the better fly- tying sections in the area. " - Larry Jurgens
Golden Stone (Granny Weave) Golden Stone (Hook Weave) Pott Scrubber Scud
LJ's BBH Mud Cased Caddis LJ's Cutthroat Candy LJ's Li'l Black Staddis
OJ's North Park Special II LJ's Pale Morning Dun Crippled Emerger LJ's Poly-Wing Emerger
LJ's PMD Nymph LJ's "Wired" PMD Nymph LJ's PMD Crippled Emerger
LJ's PMD "Vane" Emerger LJ's PMD Quill Parachute LJ's "Knock Down" PMD

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