Mike Briscoe

Mike took up fly fishing and fly tying some 27 years ago. "I took a fly tying class at the old George Meyer's Fly Shop in Denver. We used the Western Trout Fly Tying Manual written by Jack Dennis and I tied all 78 patterns." During the early 1980's Mike worked on a ranch in Wyoming. He bought an old raft and floated the North Platte every weekend. When not fishing or working he tied flies commercially. In 1984 he started working for Del Canty's fisheries management company. (Del Canty was one of Colorado's most famous still water fly fishermen in the 1970's and early 1980's. His records on Flaming Gorge still stand today.) He became a partner in the operation which continued until 1995. Working as a guide in the mid-1980's Mike became intimately familiar with fishing on the famed streams of Montana. Mike's interest in fishing is as strong as ever and he spends a lot of time sharing his knowledge with others. "I still carry too many flies but am constantly working on narrowing the selection to the essential patterns. Over the years I have come to believe that catching fish is 95% presentation and 5% fly pattern. Nevertheless, every day on the water brings the hope of finding that magic killer pattern."
Lusby Leech Olive Scud Baetis Emerger
Red Cowboy Midge Tan Scud Black Cowboy
Dirty Little Larva Grey's Leech Grey's Ruby Midge Larva

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