Paul Prentiss

"My earliest memory of fishing was on Lake Michigan with my Grandfather. We used to walk out onto an old dock and sit while fishing for Yellow Perch with his friends. In the late 1940's I would climb aboard my Green Schwinn Cruiser and head for a local pond with my bait casting rod laid across the handle bars. By mid- summer I'd be down on Port Washington dock on Long Island Sound casting small silver spoons or fishing with shiners for snappers (small bluefish). After moving to California in the mid 1950's I started fly fishing for Bonito in the breakwaters off Santa Monica. I fished for for panfish, trout, and bass in the reservoirs around LA and San Diego. I'd go out on party fishing boats or the anchored fishing barges and fish with plug casting outfits. I'd fish using any technique that produced results. In 1964 I moved to Colorado and became permanently hooked on fly fishing. In March of 2001 I retired from the Gates Rubber Company after 30 years so that I could spend at least 100 days a year fishing."
HD Hopper Los Alamos Ant Pauley Boy Hopper
Red Chernobyl Ant Sparkle Beetle The Creature
Bottom Bumber Western Coachman Flash Back Western Coachman Flash Western Coachman
GW Western Coachman RW Western Coachman Unnatural Western Coachman
Western Coachman - Traditional

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