Richard Pilatske

Richard Pilatzke lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife Cheryl and his black lab, Ebony. He was born in Montreal, Canada and grew up in upstate New York. He has lived in Colorado for over 24 years. He has been fly tying and fly fishing for over 29 years. He has specialized for the last twelve years in tying flies for and fishing high mountain lakes in Colorado. He does many fly tying demonstrations at events like The Flyfishing Show, The International Sportsman's Expo, the Gunnison Gorge Fishing Show, and at fly tying clinics at many Denver area fly shops and TU chapters. He is a member of Cutthroat Chapter, Trout Unlimited and a past member of the Board of Directors of Colorado Trout Unlimited. His flies have been exhibited at the Boulder Art Museum and the Prichard Art Museum in Idaho Falls. He is currently a member of the Regal Engineering Pro Staff. His biggest influences in fly tying have been Gary LaFontaine, John Betts, Craig Matthews, and Al Makkai. What he likes best about fly tying is the creative aspect. He likes to search out little-known materials to create new patterns.
Adult Dragonfly Colorado Crystal Beetle Foam Madame X
Neon Blue Damsel

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