Ron Donahue

Ron caught his first fish in 1940, and got his first vise in 1950. He has seen a few fly patterns since that time, and enjoys coming up with new variations on old patterns. Not a commercial tyer, he falls into the category of "prolific non commercial. He usually produces about 1500 flies a year. Many find their way into the TU auctions. His tailwater boxes have brought the top sale price for flies at the last two Boulder Flycasters Auctions. He admits to a personal inventory of 5,000 and delights in finding ways to improve patterns by the use of new and offbeat materials. He will cover a half dozen offerings and even demonstrate how to tie down to size 32. Bring your reading glasses.
Neon Renegade Black Fly Callibaetis Dun
CDC Caddis Dry Damsel R-D Emerger

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