PMD CDC (Bob Bush)

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Fly Tyers: 
By: Shayne Harrop. But I have made my changes to it.
Hook: TMC 101 BL or 200SP BL
Size: 16 ~ 22
Thread: Yellow 8/0 UNI-Thread
Tail: 3 ~ 4 light Dun CDC Fibers Over 4 ~ 6 Light Dun Hackle Fibers w/CDC Clipped To 1/2 Length Of Hackle Fibers. (See Picture)
Abdomen: Turkey Biot (Sizes 16 ~ 18) Yellow Thread W/Brown Pen Marked Rib (Sizes 20 ~ 22).
Wing: Bunch of CDC fibers, dyed cream/yellow.
Thorax: Cream/Yellow
Legs: Of CDC Wing Tied Back Along Body
Head: PMD Dubbing

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