Egg Laying Grannom (Sue Armstrong)

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Egg Laying Grannom
* Version of commercially tied fly, "Agent 99"
Hook: TMC 2487
Size: 10 ~ 18
Thread: : 6/0 Olive (Flat Thread e.g. UTC 70 or Gudebrod)
Egg Sack: Chartreuse Ice Dub
Body: 4 ~ 5 Peacock Herls
Wing: a: 2 Natural Dun Colored CDC Feathers (Paired Opposing, e.g., Back to Back) b: Small Clump Stacked Dark Elk Hair c: Grizzly Or Dark, Speckled Badger Whiting Rooster Hackle
Head: Thread

Note: When fishing this fly, dress only the hackle and Elk hair wing with floatant. Use as a single fly or as a trailing fly.


Tying Steps:
1. Dub a ball of chartreuse Ice Dub at the rear of the hook shank.
2. Tie in Peacock herl: Create a dubbing loop; twist the herl within the loop and wrap forward to 1 ½ eye length behind hook eye. Tie in and cut off excess.
3. Tie in CDC paired back to back, on top of hookshank, where the Peacock herl ends.
4. On top of the CDC add a small clump of Elk hair. The length of both the CDC and Elk hair should not be longer than the end of the egg sack.
5. Lift the Elk hair (butts & tips) and CDC upward. Wrap one complete thread wrap under the Elk hair and CDC. This will partially post the wing upward.
6. To apply hackle, trim the first 4 ~ 6 barbs from either side of the hackle stem, leaving only short stubble.
7. Hold the hackle feather horizontally by the tip, on the far side of the fly. Set the trimmed butt-end of the hackle feather on top of the elk with the butt-end facing towards the hook eye, tie in with two wraps. Feather should be on the far side of the hook with the tip pointed towards the rear.
8. Looking down on the fly from the top, your wraps should wind in a counter clock-wise direction, if you tie right handed. If you tie left handed wraps should be clock-wise.
9. Wrap hackle firmly under posted wing, 3 ~ 4 times. Tie in and whip finish.10.
If you previously did not cut off the elk hair buts in step 5 trim the butts leaving a short stub like the standard Elk Hair Caddis wing.


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