Deer Hair Sculpin (Tim Jacobs)

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Deer Hair Sculpin - Tim Jacobs
Hook: TMC 300
Size: 8 ~ 2
Underbody: 0.20 Lead Wire
Thread: Black or Olive 3/0
Rib: Gold Wire
Belly: Cream Soda Sparkle Leech Dubbing
Wing: Rabbit Strip Tied Matuka Style
Gills: Red Ice Fur or other synthetic
Wing: Rabbit Strip
Spinning Thread: Gudebrod GX2
Head: Deer Hair, Multi-Colored (Stacked, Spun and Clipped to Shape)
Eyes: Gold Holographic Eyes
Other Material: Flexament and Zap-A-Gap Glues
Note: The buoyant deer head of this pattern will require a sinking line and perhaps some additional weight on the leader to get it down to the fish. Sculpt (Trim) the head wide and flat like a sculpin head.


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