Sage MOD Fly Rod

DELICATE FLY PRESENTATIONS AT MEASURED DISTANCES.THIS IS YOUR NEW FAVORITE TROUT ROD. Just like you wouldn’t pull out your driver when you need your 7 iron, the MOD is optimized for the distances and scenarios most often encountered by the trout angler. Thoughtfully crafted with contemporary line designs, fly patterns, and angling styles in mind, […]


Sage BOLT Fly Rod

ULTRA-FAST ACTION IN GENERATION 5 TECHNOLOGY.   Driving winds and long distances call for high line speed and quick recovery. Enter the BOLT, joining our Generation 5 technology family to compliment last year’s award-winning medium-fast action ACCEL. The ultra-fast action of the BOLT makes high line speeds and tight loops easier, giving you confidence in […]


Sage PULSE Fly Rod

DESIGNED TO BE YOUR WORKHORSE ROD. Designed from scratch by our world-class R&D team and tested on the water around the globe, the PULSE is Sage’s newest fast action family of fly rods. Graphite IIIe technology ensures power and durability, providing fast action performance and a connected feel. Handcrafted right here on Bainbridge Island, the […]

Fisknat McKenzie Hand Net

Fisknat Mckenzie Hand Net

The Mckenzie is another of our solid handle hand nets. This nets dimensions are as follows: Bow: 11″ x 15″ Handle: 7″ Overall Length: 22″

Fisknat Lake Hand Net

Fisknat Lake Hand Net

The Lake size is in the middle of the Mckenzie and the Yak, however, it featues the triple laminated handle. The Lakes dimensions are: Bow: 11″ x 16″ Handle: 8″ Length: 24″

Fisknat Yak Hand Net

Fisknat Yak Hand Net

This is a larger version of the Mckenzie and again features a solid handle color/wood choice. The dimensions for this net are: Bow: 12″ x 17″ Handle: 7″ Overall Length: 24″