Saturday Signature Series Fly Tying Presentations

Saturday Signature Series – Featuring Shawn Bratt

It’s officially fly tying season! Learn different skills and patterns every week! Join us on Saturday mornings to see some of the best tyers around spin up their signature patterns. Each week will offer up instruction, patterns and techniques for tyers of all levels. We guarantee that you’ll learn something new at each and every […]


The Himalayan Outback – Golden Mahseer

The Himalayan Outback is not your average fishing trip, just as the Golden Mahseer is not your ordinary fish. Pursuing this armored freshwater fish draws anglers into the Himalayan frontier of northern India, where the experienced local guides from The Himalayan Outback have established a unique fishing program with mobile camps and multi-day floats on […]


Alphonse Island Resort – Seychelles

As home to some of the world’s most famous island hideaways and beach hotels, the Seychelles is famous for offering the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. The key to what separates our partner operation in the Seychelles (Fly Fish Seychelles) from other operations is the fact that they have a direct, long-term operational link to […]


Farquhar – Seychelles

Farquhar is easily one of the top saltwater fly fishing destinations on the planet. Home to giant trevally, milkfish and numerous other exotic fish species, this is the perfect destination for anglers who want the finest, most diverse fishing action available. It takes some time to get there, but once you set foot on these […]


St. Brandon’s Atoll

If you have been searching for the most remote, off-the-grid, untouched flats fishery on the planet, then St. Brandon’s may be the destination for you. Hard to get to, this is not a trip for just anyone. If you want to fish “the next frontier” in the world of saltwater flats, however, then a journey […]