Geezus Lizard Fly Tying Demo

Bass beware!  The Geezus Lizard has entered the pond of flies.  Developed as a bass bug this fly has caught Pike, Trout, and Walleye.  It rides hook up to reduce the number of hang-ups when fishing in tight spots and helps to improve your hook set.  This might be one of the best all around crayfish patterns for big hungry fish.



Material List:
Color: Crayfish (pictured)
Hook: Gamakatsu Jig 90 Heavywire (round bend)
Size: 2 and 1/0
Tail Thread: Danville’s 210 flymaster plus (black)
Tail Tip: Frog’s Hair dubbing (Golden Yellow)
Tail Dub 1: Whitlock SLF (Dark Stone Nymph)
Tail Dub 2: Whitlock SLF (Nearnuf Crayfish Nat.Orange)
Body Thread: Danvilles’s 3/0 waxed monocord
Legs: Spirit River Tarantu-legs Hot Orange(Med)
Belly: Hareline Dubbin Scud Back 1/4” Clear
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire (Black) Medium
Weed Guards: Rio Saltwater Hardmono (17 pound test for size 2, 26 pound for size 1/0)
Body Rear: Dark Rust (micro mink on #2,rabbit on 1/0)
Body Front: Lite Rust(micro mink on #2,rabbit on 1/0)
Topping: Dark brown marabou
Eyes: Yellow dumbells (Med on #2, Large on #1/0)
Head: Whitlock SLF (Dark Dragonfly)


Not a fly tier, not a problem we have the Geezus Lizard fly selection here, 4 flies in two colors for $18.


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